What Do Professionals & Managers Look For In A Corporate Headshot?

No more guessing - a survey was recently administered to a group of high-level agents, managers, and professionals, asking what they look for in a headshot. The results are in - let's take a look!

Clear, Crisp Photo.

A photo with great lighting & vibrant color is likely to stand out and is easier to see in a thumbnail-sized photo. This is especially helpful to professionals who screen through dozens if not hundreds of headshots and are looking to work through high volume.


Definable Archetypes.

This ties into our blog post from last week - when professionals see your Boulder corporate headshot, the want to know immediately who you are and what type of person you are. They want a quick and easy "instant read" of your personality type so that they can see what your general persona is - are you funny, outgoing, and friendly? Or more professional, reserved, and studious? These are qualities which are immediately visible in your corporate headshot and which must be clearly defined so that other professionals can make quick, accurate assessments of who you are, just from your corporate headshot alone. Simply put, professionals appreciate a headshot that captures the true essence of who you are - not just another generic stock photo.


It's All In The Eyes.

Short of meeting you in person, the best window any professional will have into your personality and professional demeanor is through your eyes. The eyes are immediately the first thing that humans are drawn to when they see a photograph of another person. A bright, friendly, clear expression in the eyes leaves a lasting impression on others and is the only proven method to make a 2-D image of yourself on paper or a screen truly "pop". Go for light, natural make-up, and let the focus be drawn to your eyes as opposed to any other part of your face. Don't detract from this important feature! 


Stand Out From The Competition

At this point in the professional world, a headshot is not a luxury - it is a necessity. Everybody has one, and the sad truth is that very few people put much effort or thought into theirs. Putting just a little bit of thought or care into your headshot will make you stand head and shoulders above your competition when people view your online or print materials. Working closely with your photographer, planning your Boulder corporate headshot session carefully, and putting some thought into your session (by reading materials such as this very article!) are what will truly make your photos stand out.