Boulder and Denver Actor Headshots

Does your acting headshot need an update? Are you looking for a performer headshots in Boulder? Many people in Boulder wait too long to update their professional acting headshot and it can hurt their business. Eli Akerstein is a Boulder-based professional portrait photographer that will make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Acting headshot sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs and are priced accordingly.  

Specialties include: 

  • Acting Portraits, Actor Headshots 
  • Dancer Headshots 
  • Performer headshots and action shots

Pricing for Boulder Acting Headshot photography

Pricing for a basic Boulder acting headshot photography session $300 


  • Length: 30 min to 1hr
  • Dress:One to two outfits
  • Deliverables: One final retouched high resolution digital headshot image emailed to you
  • Note: Stylist, hair, makeup, not included in price. Travel outside of Boulder, Colorado may have an additional fee.
  • Pricing for Denver portrait photography

Pricing for a basic Denver portrait photography session is $350 to account for travel 


  • Length: 30 min to 1hr
  • Dress: One to two outfits
  • Deliverables: One final retouched high resolution digital headshot image emailed to you
  • Note: Stylist, hair, makeup, not included in price. 
  • NOTE: My studio space is located in Boulder so Denver professional headshots usually occur at the home or office of the subject

What to look for before hiring a Boulder photographer for an acting headshot

There are many considerations before hiring a photographer in Boulder for a new actor headshot

  • What is the photographer's style? Do you like what you see on their website? A great landscape photographer may not be a great headshot photographer. Make sure you see examples of actor headshots that you think look great! 
  • How long have they been professionally shooting and do they specialize in professional actor headshots?  With today's access to great camera's, more people than ever can claim to be professional acting headshot photographers. Make sure you are hiring someone with years of experience so you will end up with a great actor portrait. 
  • Does your photographer plan to shoot with artificial light, or natural light? If you need an indoor professional acting portrait, beware of any photographer that plans to shoot your acting headshot with natural light only. 
  • Are you considering using a relative interested in photography and just got a new DSLR? While everyone must start somewhere in their career I suggest using a true professional for your actor portrait.  


Retouching Business Portraits in Boulder or Denver

My rule of thumb with retouching Denver acting headshots is to keep the photo true to life but still shave off a few years. If you have a blemish that is likely to go away on it's own I will remove that without asking. If you have any specific requests for how you want your Denver professional acting headshot retouched I will certainly honor that request. 

Have questions or want to get a quote for your Boulder or Denver acting headshot photography needs? email me