Preparing for your portrait session in Boulder Colorado

Your professional portrait is a reflection of how the world sees you. It will appear on social media, on the web, and maybe even in print. How do you want to be perceived? Eli Akerstein has been shooting professional business portraits since 2006. He has the knowledge and expertise to make the experience of updating your Boulder headshot simple and painless, and the skill in post processing to make you look your best!  

Choosing the background:

What is the purpose of the shoot? Is it a corporate photo? If so, what is the company culture: laid back, professional but approachable? When we discuss your headshot, we will review the type of portrait you are looking for, and what the most appropriate background will be.

Some options include: 

  • Headshots on white seamless paper are sometimes needed to match other head shots on a website. I can bring the studio lights and backdrop to your office or home. 
  • Portraits on a neutral grey backdrop are sophisticated and professional.
  • Professional headshots using your office or home as a background can be creative and give a context of space, but as a group they can look disjointed if shot by different people with different shooting styles.
  • Outdoor Headshot or portrait photography using nature as a backdrop is most appropriate for families, couples, or lifestyle magazine style shooting. Trying to match business portraits for an entire company shooting outdoors can be a challenge and lead to images that appear to be shot in different lighting conditions.

Dressing for your headshot

Depending on the type of shoot, I will ask you to wear certain clothing, or avoid certain clothing choices. 

Some basic rules of thumb when dressing for a professional headshot:

  • Wear sleeves. With most portraits the focus should be on your face, by avoiding sleeveless outfits it becomes easier not to create a distraction with your arm.  
  • Basic colors that create contrast with the background help make your professional headshot pop! A white shirt with a pure white background can be difficult on the eyes. Similarly a loud pattern can take the attention away from your face.  
  • Is it a business headshot? If so, dress up a bit more than you do in the office. Tell your clients you are trustworthy by dressing the part. 


Ready to update your headshot and you live in the Boulder Colorado area? Contact me.